Universal Service has at its disposal a modern reinforced concrete hall with a total area of almost 1000 m2 surrounded by an asphalt area with an area of 3000 m2. The whole area is protected by sufficient fencing and a camera system.

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The complex is situated on the outskirts of Zadar in a place called posovna zonana Loniči. This means that it is several hundred meters as the crow flies and the center of Zadar is several kilometers away.

This location makes it possible to provide all the services offered. For storage itself, simply, perfect comfort for your boat. And secondly, in the open air, but under the control of the security system and will not suffer the transport of thousands of kilometers across Europe. And if you do not store your ship in a temperate hall in the Czech Republic, it will suffer from frost. In Zadar, it can also freeze, usually cold without sub-zero temperatures, if it does not do completely, then only a few days with a temperature of -2 to -5 degrees.

Last but not least, the company's employees are present in the hall on a daily basis. Only during the end of the year, when Czech workers can return to vacation in the Czech Republic, is the hall under the daily supervision of the partner company Nautic d.o.o. Universal Servis, including its employees, is insured with Croatia Osiguranje. All this gives you a guarantee that your boat, even if you do not see it, is safe and qualified.


Service, an activity without which no machine, car, but especially a ship cannot do. There are several reasons for this, and the sea is the most important. Not every ship is at sea, but those stored with us are. The sea is known to be salty and salt is above gold, but in this case not quite.

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And we drive a car in a salty environment, in winter, but there is a significant difference. The sea is alive and everything that is submerged in it begins to grow with a number of organisms, and this must be prevented by appropriate treatment of the hull and engine, ie proper service.

The basis is to thoroughly de-salt the ship, both from the outside, in this case using high-pressure fresh water spraying, and from cooling the engines from the inside, by reconnecting the engine cooling to the fresh water and allowing it to run in a controlled manner long enough. This will wash away marine deposits, which cause material degradation and reduce the life of your engine.

Another and essential part of the ship's service is painting all parts of the ship below the waterline with a suitable, special coating that prevents the attachment of organisms (antifoling) where the coating has already been applied, and its careful renewal before each season. Last but not least, it is necessary to treat, at least check the electrical installation and especially the batteries, which must be recharged several times during the winter.

In addition to the desalination of the salt already intended, the engine should be preserved and the engine and transmission oils changed before the winter, let alone its diagnostics. It is also necessary to treat the system with water and waste systems. It is not the purpose of this article to list everything that needs to be done on your boat after the season, the purpose is to state that your boat is a machine and should bring you the pleasure of wonderful moments at sea, so it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance and professional care.


In particular, in accordance with European road traffic conditions, ship transport must be divided into two categories, namely a ship with a total weight of 3.5 tonnes and ships heavier than this value.

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Heavier ships are, of course, larger, so they can enter the mode of transporting excessive cargo. Universal Service meets all the requirements for the transport of cargo up to 3.5 T and is therefore able to transport such a ship from the Czech Republic to Croatia and back at the customer's request. He will also transport the boat to any place on the Croatian coast, or return the boat to the hall from any place of your stay.

It most often performs transport from the hall to the nearest place of launching to the water or from the place of pulling back into the hall. Launching or withdrawing from water can be done in two ways for boats up to 3.5 T. The first is direct capture with a lift in a suitable place directly into the water, or in this way to pull out of the water. There are two such places available at a distance of several kilometers from the hall. These places are charged.

The second way is to use a crane, one of our contractual partners. This service is more expensive, but has the undeniable advantage, such manipulation is much more gentle on the vessel, especially on ships at the upper limit of the weight limit. Not to mention soaking the boat lift in aggressive salt water, which requires immediate service of such a lift. In the second case, the lift is dry and the boat is gently lifted from it or carefully placed on it.

The same applies to ships above the limit of 3.5, except that the transport itself will be carried out by our contractual partner, equipped with the appropriate heavy equipment and all appropriate permits, including insurance, and that a crane is absolutely necessary for launching or towing.